Sunday, February 13, 2011

Gunner's 1st Birthday!

January 27th was my little guy's first birthday! I can't believe how fast a year flew by. Gunner is the funnest little guy around. He has been walking since just before Thanksgiving and is into everything! He can really get around. He is just learning a couple words and tries to do everthing his big sissy does. He is a joy to have around! He rarely ever cries and is overall a very happy little man. Happy Birthday little guy! We love you.

For his birthday, we had a jungle party. He had a monkey cake and a chocolate fountain that we dipped bananas, pretzels and animal crackers in. We had Arby's sandwiches. All of our cousins, plus mom's cousin Garrett, Jessica, Kevin, Ben, Lauren, Steph, Grandma and Grandpa, and Great Grandpa Jensen were able to come. It was a lot of fun and very noisy! Gunner got spoiled rotten with gifts. He loved the balloon bunch we got him that is still floating today, he still plays with it. sorry the pictures are in no particular order really.

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